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Columbia Plateau Roofing is a reputable local Central Washington contracting company with a longstanding presence in the region.  Who we are, what we do, and what we believe are all very important aspects of our identity.  At the heart of Columbia Plateau is our vision … to be the roofing company most admired for its people, partnership and performance.

We have established a common understanding not only for those of us who already work here, but for all who wish to work here.  Our employees play a vital role in our success and we rely heavily on them to help us deliver top results. With that said, Columbia Plateau is not only about delivering business results, it is about delivering them the “right” way. We have expectations for the employees we decide to hire. We do not make compromises in these areas and we expect our employees to always adhere to the letter, spirit and intent of these expectations.

Our company’s foundation is built on values which distinguish us and guide our actions. We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We respect safety laws and regulations, support our customer’s wishes as they hire us to perform, and benefit the communities where we work. Our values are based on:

• Integrity
• Trust
• Partnership
• Diversity
• Ingenuity
• High Performance

You are expected to:
1. Be on time for work. If you will be unable to report to work at the scheduled time, it is your responsibility to call in ahead of time to inform the appropriate person.
2. Be accountable for all scheduled hours of work. Your absence means your work has to be covered by someone else. Please respect how important you are to getting the work done. Excessive absences may result in re-evaluating your commitment to your employment.
3. Plan for scheduled absences ahead of time. We recognize and support your personal needs if they are legitimate, but please have the foresight to let us know ahead of time.
4. Work during all of your scheduled hours. Like all other employees, your scheduled hours of work are not the time to talk with other employees, chat up your buddies or talk on your phone.
5. Dress appropriately for the construction workplace.  If you wear a t-shirt, it can’t have any messages, slogans or graphics that would be deemed distasteful by clients of any age, race, creed or otherwise.
6. Be courteous at all times. If you are performing a task, remember, the customer comes first. Stop tasks to serve the customer.
7. Maintain a positive, helpful attitude. If you are asked to perform a task by your supervisor, do it. All employees of our office perform tasks that cover a broad range because it is what is needed to get the job done.
8. Provide quality service at all times. Every time you perform work, no matter how menial it may seem, our name will be connected with it. Be a person who strives for excellence, not just “good enough.”
9. We are a drug free company.  We advertise that fact directly to our clients.  This not only means that you are expected to be sober while you’re at work, but you are expected be properly rested with zero residual effects of alchohol or drug use from at any time prior to showing up for work. We expect you to be clear-headed, full of energy and ready to work hard.

If you think you have what it takes to be an employee at Columbia Plateau Roofing, please click on the link below and download and print our application for employment and submit it accordingly.


“Dan exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend using him. I will definitely be using him again.”

T. McCabe
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“Great company to work with. Come when scheduled! Follow-up with you during the job. Do spectacular quick work.”

P. Hawk

“Very timely, courteous, and professional. Columbia Plateau did a great job repairing our roof last Fall. This Spring we had some extremely high winds and a piece of the non-repaired section blew off. Zac came out and replaced it at no charge. I highly recommend them!”

M. Dixon

“Dan exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend using him. I will definitely be using him again.”

T. McCabe
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