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Columbia Plateau Roofing is the local roofing contractor you can trust for thorough roof inspections and honest reports on the condition of your roof. We have been providing expert roofing services to local homeowners and business owners since our founding in 2001, and we are known throughout the area for the exceptional products and craftsmanship we provide. With locations in Ellensburg and Union Gap, we serve all those throughout Central Washington. We boast a long list of satisfied customers thanks to the skilled work and dedicated customer service we provide, and we look forward to adding your name to this list once your roofing project is complete.

When Do You Need a Roof Inspection?

There are three main situations when we’d typically recommend a roof inspection for our customers:

If You’re Concerned About Storm Damage

We recommend scheduling a roof inspection after any severe weather, as this is when most roof damages occur. Washington is known for its crazy rain and snow storms, so if you have any concerns regarding the condition of your roof after experiencing severe weather conditions, be sure to give us a call to ensure your roof hasn’t sustained any serious damage that needs to be addressed.

If You’re Going to Buy or Sell a Property

In addition to conducting roof inspections when there are concerns of damage, we also provide roof inspections for homeowners looking to sell, buy, or rent a property. Just like typical inspections, the evaluation of a home conducted by a roof inspector can point out any problems that may otherwise go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

If You Need Routine Maintenance

One of the most important home maintenance services you can invest in is a routine roof inspection. While many homeowners want to avoid the cost of having these inspections performed on a regular basis, having to make repairs to roofing is one of the more costly home improvement projects, especially when problems are not caught quickly enough and allowed to get out of hand. For example, you may not notice that roof leak until it has gone so far as to start forming spots on your ceiling. At that point, mold growth and other structural damages may have already occurred, making the repairs much more costly and time-consuming. However, if you schedule routine roof inspections with Columbia Plateau Roofing, you can rest assured that our technicians’ trained eyes will be able to catch such issues before they turn into even more expensive problems that require more than simple roof repairs.

Having routine roof inspections performed can also help to ensure you don’t have to replace your roof sooner than necessary due to poor maintenance. By taking preventative measures, you can extend the life of your current roofing system, providing you with a greater value for your investment.

Now What?

Do you think a roof inspection could benefit your residential or commercial property in Central Washington? If so, get an honest evaluation of your roof’s condition today. Contact Columbia Plateau Roofing today to schedule your roof inspection with an expert on our team. We look forward to serving you!

“Dan exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend using him. I will definitely be using him again.”

T. McCabe
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“Very timely, courteous, and professional. Columbia Plateau did a great job repairing our roof last Fall. This Spring we had some extremely high winds and a piece of the non-repaired section blew off. Zac came out and replaced it at no charge. I highly recommend them!”

M. Dixon

“Great company to work with. Come when scheduled! Follow-up with you during the job. Do spectacular quick work.”

P. Hawk

“Dan exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend using him. I will definitely be using him again.”

T. McCabe
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