Rejuvenating Toppenish, WA, Roofs with Roof Maxx Treatments

Is the roof of your Toppenish, Washington home showing signs of wear and tear? Would you like to extend its lifespan by an additional five years? Look no further. Columbia Plateau Roofing, your trusted local roofing contractor, is here to offer Roof Maxx treatments—a solution to boost your roof’s longevity and delay the need for a full replacement.

Understanding Roof Maxx

The elements, from abundant rain to harsh sun, can take a toll on your shingle roofing, causing them to become dry and brittle over time. Enter Roof Maxx, an impressive product designed to add a significant five years or more to your roof’s lifespan, all at a cost that’s only 15% of a complete roof replacement.

How Does Roof Maxx Work

Roof Maxx is a soy-based liquid application that binds with your asphalt shingles, enhancing their flexibility, adhesion, and permeability. This process rejuvenates your shingles, allowing them to continue protecting your home as intended. Not only is Roof Maxx an environmentally safe option, but it also contributes to reducing the amount of shingle roofing in local landfills.

If your roof, aged over fifteen years, is displaying signs of wear, you don’t need to immediately opt for a costly roof replacement. A Roof Maxx treatment can enhance your roof’s performance while being a cost-effective solution.

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For additional information about our Roof Maxx services, reach out to Columbia Plateau Roofing, your go-to local roofing contractor. Proudly offering Roof Maxx roof preservation treatments to homeowners in Toppenish, WA, and nearby communities, we’re committed to extending the life of your roof while saving you money.

“Dan exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend using him. I will definitely be using him again.”

T. McCabe
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“Dan exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend using him. I will definitely be using him again.”

T. McCabe

“Very timely, courteous, and professional. Columbia Plateau did a great job repairing our roof last Fall. This Spring we had some extremely high winds and a piece of the non-repaired section blew off. Zac came out and replaced it at no charge. I highly recommend them!”

M. Dixon

“Great company to work with. Come when scheduled! Follow-up with you during the job. Do spectacular quick work.”

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