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There are some projects you don’t want to do over and over again. A roof replacement on your home is probably pretty close to the top of that list. Today, many homeowners turn to metal roofing for a new roof that not only looks amazing but can also last a lifetime. At Columbia Plateau Roofing, we offer a variety of metal roofing options for homeowners in Yakima, WA, and surrounding communities.

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

For your home, you want a metal roof that can withstand our area’s harsh weather while still retaining a beautiful style that sets it apart from the rest. That is why we offer stone-coated metal from Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions, a manufacturer that produces a wide selection of customizable metal roofing. You can choose between metal roof colors, corrugated metal roofing options, metal roof panels, shingles, standing seam, metal tiles, and more. Some of the benefits you’ll get from a premium metal roof include:

  • Durability to last for decades
  • Many design options
  • Fast installation
  • Improved energy efficiency for your home
  • Exceptional snow and rain runoff
  • Peace of mind knowing you’ve made an environmentally friendly choice

With over 20 years of experience as local metal roofers in central Washington, our team at Columbia Plateau Roofing is the expert team to trust for your metal roof installation. We offer affordable metal roofing prices, top-quality products, and exceptional services. You can even look at our client testimonials to see for yourself why Columbia Plateau Roofing is the preferred metal roofing company.

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“Great company to work with. Come when scheduled! Follow-up with you during the job. Do spectacular quick work.”

P. Hawk
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“Very timely, courteous, and professional. Columbia Plateau did a great job repairing our roof last Fall. This Spring we had some extremely high winds and a piece of the non-repaired section blew off. Zac came out and replaced it at no charge. I highly recommend them!”

M. Dixon

“Dan exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend using him. I will definitely be using him again.”

T. McCabe

“Great company to work with. Come when scheduled! Follow-up with you during the job. Do spectacular quick work.”

P. Hawk
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